Iana, you are glowing and I get the impression you are very happy. Do you feel that way too?
Yes, I am happy and looking forward to the birth of my child.

What is different now, in the last trimester of your pregnancy if you compare it to the first trimester?
In the beginning I suffered greatly from nausea. I constantly felt bad. Smelling certain foods from the fridge was enough to make me sick.
I simply had no strength and just wanted to vomit and sleep a lot. But that’s over now, thank goodness. Of course sometimes I have pain in my back, but I think that’s normal.

How do you keep fit?
If I feel well, then I drive to the opera and train there. But I also do a lot of exercises at home.

What is different in this pregnancy compared to your first one?
I have a greater sense of security today, and I know exactly what I’m doing. During my first pregnancy about 10 years ago, I felt so young. I didn’t dare to go out on the street.

Because I felt I was considered too young to have a baby. People may have even thought I was only a child myself. I was already 25 years old, but I didn’t look like it. I wanted to scream out, ‚I’m 25 years old, not 12!‘
Anyway, it took a lot of mental strength for me to show my stomach, because I always felt I was too fat. I was just very insecure. And on top of that, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to manage it all; the birth, keep my career going and be there for my family. But I kept a lot of this to myself. I didn’t want to say anything or show how I was feeling. Now I want to show everything and I have no problem with people wanting to share this experience with me and be a part of my happiness. Today I have a very different attitude.

What do you mean exactly?
For example, I get a lot of heartfelt wishes on Instagram from people who know me from the stage or from my personal life.

When is the birth date?
In May.

Do you want your husband to be in the delivery room at birth?
Yes. He was also present at the birth of our first child, Marley.

Is it a boy or a girl?
It’s a boy. That suits me.

Because I have four brothers, so I grew up around boys. And I already have 3 men in my own family now.

Three men?
Yes, we also count our pug, Charly.

Are you getting along with so many men in the household?
Yes, I’m used to it. I think men are easier to understand. I think they are clearer with what they say and what they mean.

What will you name the child?
We will not reveal that yet.

How did you come up with the name Marley for your first son?
At first we thought it would be a girl so we searched a lot for a girls name. In 2007, the film ‚I Am Legend‘ by Francis Lawrence came out. That’s where we got the idea for the name Marley. It also fit for a boys name.

How do you plan to manage everything after you give birth? A new baby, a son in school, a husband…?
I can let go.

What do you mean by that?
When I am at work, that is the center of my attention . I put all of my thought and feeling into it. I give one hundred percent. At home it is the same. I give everything just for the family and I don’t bring thoughts about work home with me. At least for the most part.

So you think you can do it all?
Yes of course. I had to go through the same thing when Marley was born. We had a Nanny and Marian did a lot of housework for me. And of course he will do that with the second child as well. Plus, we have a big family to help us; Marian’s mother, aunts and great-aunts.

How about your parents. When will they see their grandson?
That will happen soon. We are in close contact with my parents, Marley’s grandparents.
In Kiev, they still have other grandchildren from my four brothers and are by no means lonely. But they will visit us soon.

Iana, you currently have more free time than before. How do you deal with it?
I think a lot. That’s the positive thing about my pregnancy. I can think a lot about how I want to continue after the birth. I want to go back to training and rehearsing as quickly as possible. I want to get back to the stage. And I’m planning a bigger ballet for Marlene Dietrich.

What is behind it?
It will be very unique and with original choreography. It will be shown in Kiev alongside friends. But this project still needs more time.

Iana, thank you for the interview.