Monday, May 13, 2019.
Iana’s pregnancy was coming to an end, but she was feeling fine. Her stomach was growing and it felt very hard but this didn’t bother her at all.

„I’m going to training today.“ she called to Marian, who was coming down the stairs and heading to the kitchen.

„Hm,“ he grunted, „he was not capable of anything more at that time of day. The day had just begun and Marians‘ batteries had not yet started up.“

„I want to move, not just sit here.“ Iana told him, while Marian was busy in the kitchen.

„But won’t it be too much for you? The contractions can start at anytime.“ Marian replied, looking at Iana’s stomach.

„Oh, it’s alright.“ she replied. Though she was constantly wondering when it was finally going to be time to give birth. Iana, Marian and Marley, could hardly wait for little William to finally arrive.

After training Iana still felt good and later in the afternoon, she even felt like sweeping the terrace. For some reason, she couldn’t let herself rest. She wanted to clean everything in the house.

„I can help you.“ she told Marian as he plucked weeds. She jumped up and grabbed the broom.
Afterwards she accompanied her son Marley to piano lessons together with Marian.

After piano lessons, they all went to a fast food restaurant together.

„I want to drink Cola.“ Marley said as they all sat down. „You know, that not only makes you fat but after you drink it you can not sleep all night.“ Marian warned his son.

Marley was just ten years old and a very bright boy for his age. „That doesn’t matter, I can stay awake and make videos telling my stories.“ he responded quickly.

„Think of Mr. Müller and his big belly. Do you want to look like that? „Marian joked.

„Papa, then I would have to drink whole truckloads of Cola.“ Everyone at the table was smiling.

„I want to try a Cola too.“ Iana said suddenly.

„Hopefully it will be good for you in your condition.“ Marian said.
„Yes, it will be fine.“ Iana replied, dipping a french fry into the spicy sauce.

It was nice to sit in the restaurant, to laugh and enjoy the three of them being together. Soon, there would be four, and quietly, little William was already sitting at the table.

Iana felt good after the meal. Hopefully the food and lightheartedness would help to start her labour.

„Mama, do you want to play Lego?“ Marley asked his mother when they arrived back home.

Iana agreed and Marley got the blocks out.
Meanwhile, Marian mowed the lawn in the garden.

Suddenly, Iana noticed that she was losing water.
Could this be the beginning of labour?

For a week, Iana had tried everything, but the contractions did not materialize, nothing happened. Could the Cola and spicy sauce have been the triggers?

„Marley, I think it’s starting.“ Iana shouted.

„No, no, please, not today!“

Marley looked at his mother. His face expressed panic.
He was worried about his mother, but he was also thinking about himself.

The next day he had a bycicle test and he really wanted to go. Also, he didn’t want his brother to be born on the 13th because that brings bad luck. Marley was desperate and at a loss.

Iana felt the amniotic fluid running out of her.

„I’ll go take a bath and then apply a little make-up.“ she said, seeming calm and balanced as everything around her became hectic.