„Mami, it’s happening. Can you come right now?“ Marian asked his mother excitedly on the phone.

„But I have my sport tonight. I can’t do that.“ she said to her son. But this was only her initial reaction. Although Sylvia had her own life and enjoyed pursuing her own activities, she supported her family wholeheartedly.

She helped wherever she could and she loved Marley beyond measure. So it was without question that she would drop everything to be with her grandson when Marian and Iana had other responsibilities. So in this situation, she canceled her plans and went to Marian and Iana’s home immediately.

During the phone call with his mother, Marian paced nervously back and forth on the terrace. He didn’t know if he and Iana would need to spend the night in the hospital, or if they could go home again, so his mother’s initial reluctance to come and help them, made him even more nervous.

„Mami.“ Marian tried again. But he did not have to say anything more.

„It’s alright, I’ll be right there.“ his mother soothed him.
After talking to his mother, Marian went to find Iana in the bathroom. While everyone around her was in chaos, she herself, was calm.

She was standing in front of the mirror with curlers in her hair. She looked happy because finally it was happening. The wait was over.
Again, a little amniotic fluid leaked from her. Marian became even more restless.

„We need to go to the hospital.“ he urged.
They arrived at the hospital shortly before half past eight in the evening. The midwife initially examined Iana for her general condition, and then attached her to the ‚labor clerk‘.

Iana had been physically and mentally prepared for what she expected when the child came.

„I feel like I’m going to training,“ she joked.
The midwife came back in. „Your uterine mouth is still closed.“ she told Iana, looking friendly.

„So you can go home for now.“ she added.
Iana looked at the midwife questioningly and at the same time doubtfully.

She sensed that it was not good to leave the hospital again, only to have to come back a little later.

It was quiet in the room. Nothing would have suggested how strained Iana was now. From her experience, she sensed that it did not feel right to follow the midwife’s advice.

Marian looked questioningly at Iana.
After a short break she said:

„For the birth of Marley, at first it looked like he was not ready to come out yet. But then everything suddenly went very fast.“

The midwife looked at Iana. She didn’t seem too happy that Iana had doubted her advice. But Iana knew her own condition, she knew her body, and she knew she was feeling the beginning of childbirth. She conveyed this to the midwife, who understood.

„I’ll discuss that with the doctor.“ she said, turning to the door.
Iana paced up and down and Marian was silent. The tension was noticeable to both.

They had been sent to the waiting area directly in front of the delivery room. They were waiting on the doctor to give them final certainty that it was actually amniotic fluid that had leaked out.
Finally, it was time. Iana was re-examined. Now, Iana could not sit still. She began to breathe shorter, she got cramps and the contractions began.

„That’s pain to enjoy. “ she joked with Marian. He smiled back, looking calm on the outside, but Iana knew her husband. She knew how excited he was inside.

„I feel like the baby is kicking.“ Iana told the doctor. She looked over at her and smiled as she looked at the ultrasound image, which showed that Iana’s cervix was about to open.

„We’ll keep you here.“ she said to Iana, after a second vote with the midwife.

Right after the examination, they were given a twin room, set up so that Marian could stay there too. He lay down next to Iana in the double bed and tried to reassure her. Iana had to smile, she could feel his uneasiness. Marian played some music on his phone to help them both relax.

„Can you give me a glass of water, please.“ Iana asked Marian. „And the lip balm.“

The contractions became stronger and stronger. To make it more bearable for Iana, the midwife gave her a light analgesic.